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90s vs 90s ROUND 2 – 90s Dance Party in Goolwa

    Saturday June 15th 2024 – 7:30pm
    Centenary Hall, Cadell Street Goolwa

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the rematch we’ve all been waiting for! Last year ended in an absolute draw, so we’re back for 90s vs 90s: Round 2!

    In the pink corner, dressed to the nines in neon and high-tops, with a record-breaking streak of chart-topping hits and moves smoother than butter, we have the undisputed champion of the dance floor: Pop + R&B!

    But facing them from the black corner, with a fashion sense straight out of Seattle and an attitude as fierce as their distortion pedals, Alternative + Grunge is ready to claim the crown.

    It’s a clash of cultures, a battle of genres, and only one side will emerge victorious! So lace up your Doc Martens or slip into your platform sneakers, get ready to groove, get ready to mosh, and get ready to rumble like it’s 1999 all over again!

    With the giant disco ball spinning, the bar fully stocked, and Centenary Hall pulsating with energy, there’s no better place to be than at 90s vs 90s: Round 2, brought to you by Fairy Pig.

    Early bird tickets just $15 until May 15th through TryBooking (normal price $20).