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Bubble Show with Mini Milkshake in Goolwa

    Saturday April 30th 2022 – 1pm
    Centenary Hall, Cadell Street Goolwa

    Fairy Pig presents…
    a theatre show about bubbles for anyone in the world regardless of what language they speak!

    A lonely Bubble Man named Dr Bubble sits in his laboratory making bubbles with his only friend, a lifeless hand puppet.

    One day he accidentally brings the puppet to life with a magic bubble and all fun and chaos break loose.

    While the Dr sleeps the little Puppet turns into a real live mischief maker named Milkshake the Bubble Clown who has fun with Dr Bubble and the audience alike.

    After overcoming his initial fear of his creation Dr Bubble must learn the values of sharing and friendship as not to let Milkshake disappear back into imagination.

    A beautiful, heartfelt and hilarious story that has audiences in joy and empathy throughout and filled with Bubbles from the beginning until the grand bubble finale.

    This spectacular tale ends with new best friends Dr Bubble and Milkshake creating a huge dynamic display of bubbles that shower down on the audience for ten minutes of relentless explosive joy that has made this show the most popular on Bubble Laboratory‘s repertoire to date.