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Home » Captain Hellfire & the Wretched Brethren, Storm the Crown, Sudden Age @ Winter Whale Fest

Captain Hellfire & the Wretched Brethren, Storm the Crown, Sudden Age @ Winter Whale Fest

    Friday June 28th 2024 – 7pm
    Victor Harbor Town Hall, Coral Street

    Ahoy, landlubbers and misfits alike! Prepare to set sail on a sonic adventure like no other, as we present to you a night of raucous rebellion and unbridled energy. Welcome to the stage where three distinct worlds collide in a cacophony of sound and spirit. So gather ’round, one and all, as we embark on this musical odyssey through the realms of pirate punk, metal, and grunge. Raise your voices, stomp your feet, and let the music carry you away on a tide of rebellion and liberation. Welcome to the gig of a lifetime, where anything is possible and the only rule is to rock ’til you drop!

    Captain Hellfire and the Wretched Brethren
    Through the billowing smoke, the flickering flames and the dark ocean spray they come, Captain Hellfire & The Wretched Brethren, the filthiest band of punk rock pirates to ever sail the seven seas! Brought together by their insatiable lust for rum and booty, the Hellfire crew play a mixture of punk, rock and traditional folk music of the sea. Violin and accordion come together with guitar, bass and drums, to create an invigorating blend of music meticulously designed to make you chug rum and jig as though possessed by the Devil himself! These scabrous skallywags have been hard at work, having previously shared the stage with international pirate legends Alestorm, Aussie icon John Butler, folk metal masters Korpiklaani, pirate metalists Lagerstein and at the official launch of Xbox videogame Sea Of Thieves at Microsoft HQ in Sydney. November of 2023 saw them play alongside Suicidal Tendencies and a whole host of top notch acts at the Pirate Life Brewery Froth & Fury Fest. 2024 is set to see the Captain & crew continue their successful voyages through the local waters and taverns, and branching out to interstate waters and beyond…. Recruiting more pirates and wenches to their noble cause of continuous rum guzzling and never ending debauchery. Come aboard and join the crew below, we sail with the evening!  YARRRRRR!!!!!!

    Storm the Crown
    Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, STORM THE CROWN (STC) has erupted onto stages and streaming platforms worldwide with their debut EP, ‘VALLEYS.’ STORM THE CROWN stands out with their distinctive classic metalcore sound, delving into themes such as addiction, overcoming depression, and navigating family illness—subjects that resonate profoundly in the year 2024.

    Sudden Age
    Sudden Age are a 3-piece punk rock band from Victor Harbor. The band formed in 2021 from a collection of hard rock lovers who met at school and who all just couldn’t get enough Nirvana, Silverchair, and Stone Temple Pilots. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses hard-hitting rock and tight three-piece precision with raw, punchy and well-dressed attire that will make you want to get loose. Now hailed as The Best Looking Band on the South Coast (by ourselves), Sudden Age has released “In The Sun” available on all streaming platforms and have performed their first show just recently at Middleton’s Front Yard Festival. If you love 90s rock, you’ll love Sudden Age.